Checking In

Getting Into the Studio– An attendant will either let you in the building OR the building will be open and available
for you to enter. The key for the door is on the inside back of the desk on a hook. Please leave the key here so it
can always be located at any time.

Lights-Turn on the overhead lights if they are not already on. They are located at the back door. Press the two
circles on the back wall to turn the lights on. The lights can also dim. There are also colored lights around the
mirror and along the entire back wall. They can be turned on by pointing the colored remote at the small white box
under the mirror and doing the same to the second white box along the back wall under the Drop Fitness Logo. You
can change the color by clicking the corresponding color on the remote or have the lights automatically switch by
clicking the auto button.

Sound-Both speakers may need to be turned on. There is an on/off switch on the back of each speaker. Click the
speakers on. There is a power strip located under the small black table against the mirror that needs to be turned
on. If you need a converter for either iPhones or Androids there are two small white pieces is on the stand for you
to utilize. For sound look for the piece of tape on the sound board that says device sound. You can lower and raise
the volume of your music there. If you need a microphone there is a headset/lapel mic in a box next to the right
side of the desk. There is a piece of tape that says mic volume. Click the mic on. If the green light does not come
on the batteries may need to be replaced. There is also a mic belt if needed. Adjust the mic volume accordingly.

AC– Please do not drop the AC lower than 66 OR the heat higher than 73 when having an event. 2 fans are
provided to help circulate the air.

Checking Out

Furniture– Replace all the furniture/chairs/black boxes back to their original spot. Please take pictures of the space
to remember where all items are before moving. The front desk is the ONLY furniture item that cannot be moved.

Linen-All soiled/dirty/used linen can be placed in the drawstring bag marked dirty and placed in the shed.

Tables/Chairs– All tables and chairs should be stacked in the storage shed as they were originally stacked.

Lights– Turn off all overhead lights, lights along the mirror/back wall and all bathroom lights.

Sound-Turn off both speakers, the power strip under the table and the microphone (if used).

AC-If AC was adjusted, please put it back at 70 before leaving.

Cleaning– Sweep/Dust Mop the entire studio floor and empty all garbage cans and place all trash in the dumpster.

Alarm– Gather all personal items before setting the alarm. Press the Green arrow, Away, Set, and Arm.

Key– Lock the door, pull to make sure it is locked, place the key inside the lock box and close it shut.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact owner at 757-323-6397